Day nineteen … the pen is mightier than the keyboard

The blog’s been quiet, but the pen has been active. Well, the keyboard really, but ‘pen’ worked so much better in that sentence … I have several pieces of work on the go at the moment. None of them quite ready to face the world. Tonight’s post is by way of letting you know I haven’t given up giving up. And I haven’t thrown the laptop out of the window. Yet.

In all the excitement of writing, I’ve forgotten to add links to my fund raising page on some of my posts. Tonight I’m taking time out from some of the serious writing to remind myself (and you, of course) why I’m putting myself through this. Making myself write 500 words a day is my way of giving up ‘not being a writer’ for 125 days. I’m doing this to raise money for One25, the amazing charity that helps street sex workers in Bristol to step away from the streets. My night on the outreach van last night reminded me yet again how valuable their work is.  If you’d like to support me, please take a look at my fund raising page.

I’m also asking people to suggest ideas for articles or titles for short stories. I’ve had a couple of suggestions so far. The first was to write about my experience of working with One25. You can read my response on this blog. I’m not sure I’m up to writing a full doctoral thesis on The Concept of a Moral Judgement, so I’m quite relieved it wasn’t a serious suggestion. At least I hope it wasn’t. But it may inspire something, sometime in the next 106 days. You never know.

If you’ve got an idea for a topic, or a title for a short story, please leave a suggestion on my fund raising page. I can’t promise I’ll have time to write something for every suggestion. To be honest, I’m kind of hoping I’ll be trampled in the rush. But I’ll do the best I can.

Meanwhile, I’m exploring ideas for an anthology about becoming an older woman. Seems appropriate, somehow.  The first story is The Invisible Woman. There’s a second story in progress. I’m also finding lots of ideas in the news at the moment. Sometimes this crazy world makes me laugh and cry all at once. I hope I can bring some of that to this blog. Thank you for supporting me along the way.



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