Day ten … an answer to a big question

My 125-day writing challenge will be coming to an end soon. I’m re-blogging this post tonight because it explains why I chose to take on this challenge in support of One25.


If I do one more ‘edit’ on this I think I’ll go mad. So here it is at last … my response to the challenge to ‘write about what motivates and inspires me in my first hand experiences at One25′.  If you read this and decide want to support One25, please donate at Thank you

8 o’clock. I’ve just realised how dark it is out there. I’m buttering bread. Slicing cheese. Wondering what possessed me to think of venturing out at this hour. It’s raining too. Hammering on the kitchen window. Couldn’t I just curl up and watch Supersize vs Superskinny instead?

Cheese sandwiches wrapped and bagged, I’m outside. It’s emptying down. The umbrella’s inside out before I reach the kerb. Come to think of it, I’m not sure these boots are waterproof. I avoid the first puddle, then plunge my left foot straight into the…

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