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Hobbled, but full of hope

A few weeks ago I took on a crazy challenge. I walk a fair few miles every day, I thought, so why not join the Virtual London Marathon and walk to raise money for the incredible work my brother and sister-in-law do with street kids in Bolivia? It’ll be a walk in the park, quite literally, and all my lovely friends will be happy to chip in a few quid to cheer me on my way.

Life has a way of bringing me down to earth with a bump. Three weeks ago, the Tesco delivery man knocked on my door, and in my haste to answer I smashed my foot against the table leg and broke a toe (possibly two, but x-rays are hard to come by these days). I’ve been hoping against hope there’d be a miracle, and I’d be able to emerge victorious from a twenty-six mile hike on Sunday, but I’m forced to admit now that’s not going to happen.

In fact, I’m forced to admit I’ve been looking at this the wrong way all along. The truth is, walking a virtual marathon was never about me. It’s all about the children and young people whose lives on the streets of Santa Cruz could have been transformed by the money I might have raised. Roger and Isha and their amazing team have been building Operation Restoration for more than thirty years now, and the homes they run really do offer a future and a hope to young people who would otherwise have nothing.

So I’m going to ask for something rather different. I can’t walk a once-in-a-lifetime marathon on Sunday, but your donation to this fundraising page can and will change a young person’s life for ever. Please consider giving something, no matter how small, and I’ll be cheering you on every inch of the way. Thank you


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